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About Your Private Information

All of the information we collect from you (name, address, email) is used strictly for Vitality Health's purposes. It is never used for any other reason and is never made available to anyone outside VitalityForLife.ca. Occasially, we will send out email newsletters or communicate via social media networks of your choice. At any point in time you can email us to remove you from our mailing/notification list.

Canada Anti-Spam Legislation CASL Compliant

The staff at Vitality Health will never contact you without prior solicitation done directly to you or your company. Solicitation may come in the form of a personal meeting, contact through social media (by liking, following or becoming a fan), contact at a trade show, event or other direct communication or direct signup through our online newsletter sign up form. Our newsletter is managed through a third-party service managed by MailChimp which is CASL compliant in their newsletter efforts.