What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a gentle manual therapy that emphasizes the structure function interrelationship of the body. This approach considers the entire body, assessing and treating areas and tissue layers of dysfunction. Osteopathy works by removing obstruction/restrictions in the musculoskeletal system so the nerve, artery, vein, and lymphatic vessels can function freely. This restores health to the tissues so the body can return to it’s inherit ability to self heal and self regulate. Manipulation is used on the tissue layer(s) of dysfunction (fascia, muscles, ligamentous, boney, or viscera) to remove these restrictions.

What to expect during a treatment?

During a treatment the practitioner will assess the whole body looking for areas of dysfunction. These areas may be distant from the patient’s symptoms or site of complaint, but related on a mechanical, anatomical, or physiological level. Osteopathy uses precise palpation to assess these areas and treat the respective structure which is preventing optimal function. The goal of osteopathy is to restore motion where motion has been lost. Restoring motion returns the structural integrity of the body and therefore function.

Who can benefit from osteopathic treatment?

Anyone can benefit from treatment. The practitioner treats the health of the patient rather than the symptoms. Once the underlying cause is resolved the symptoms take care of themselves. Patients commonly come in for: chronic aches and pains, acute pain, sport injuries and performance, low energy levels, respiratory issues, circulatory issues, pelvic health, head issues (headaches, migraines, sinus problems), recurrent illnesses, pre/present/post pregnancy, general health, and many more. **Nathan is covered by ALL insurance companies for Osteopathic Treatment

chronic aches & pains acute pain sport injuries & performance
low energy levels respiratory issues circulatory issues
pelvic health recurrent illnesses pre/present/post pregnancy